Mauritius Videos

Mauritius BBC Economy Feature

An island nation with an International feel, Mauritius is an emerald green gem set in a deep blue ocean.

Mauritius BBC Cuisine Feature

With a melting pot of cultures in Mauritius, Mauritian food is a fusion of incredible flavours!

Mauritius BBC Adventure Activities Feature

Go on an adventure of discovery of Mauritius' thrilling adventure activities! From Kite surfing, to quad biking, from zip lining to horse riding.

Mauritius BBC Arts Feature

Explore Mauritius' burgeoning contemporary arts scene. Discover a new world of sharing and creativity emerging in this exciting space.

Mauritius BBC Ecology Conservation Feature

Mauritius is at the forefront of eco conservation, combining the conservation of fauna and flora in creating a holistic ecology conservation plan.

Mauritius BBC Culture Feature

Explore the diversity of the Mauritian Culture with us! This video was produced by the BBC.