Top 4 reasons not to lie on the beach in Mauritius

03 Oct Top 4 reasons not to lie on the beach in Mauritius

Mauritius abounds with offerings to keep even the most demanding adrenalin junkie satisfied. Test your mettle with a spot of kite surfing, kayaking, windsurfing, deep-sea angling, yachting, hiking, trail cycling, scuba diving, snorkelling and running one of the fantastic beach/mountain/forest routes that north Mauritius offers. And when you’re done, dive into the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean and emerge refreshed. It’s the perfect way to end a high-energy day.

1. Diving

With its spacious lagoons, protective coral reefs

and vast expanse of sea,Mauritius is a prized diving

destination. The reef is a treasure troveof brightly-coloured

exotic fish, amazing corals and even shipwrecks dating from

those times when pirates and privateers trawled the Indian

Ocean.For the curious yet less adventurous, submersible

crafts and undersea walks remain popular alternatives to

take a close look at the sea life.

2. Catamaran

Whether you wish to view the island’s beauty from the sea or you want to revel in a leisurely day, shaded from the sun from the wind- filled mainsail, a wide choice of sea excursions is available to suit all preferences. Full-day excursions and private rentals are available from the northern, eastern, south-eastern and western coasts. One can catch the wind towards one of the islands strewn around mainland Mauritius, particularly to the north; meet the dolphins off the west coast or chart a day’s course due east to make the most of the array of pleasures that iconic Ile aux Cerfs holds in store. And for those with a romantic streak, take an evening cruise and watch the sun set in the distance. These can be booked with providers serving the north and west coasts.

3. Speedboat

Take an exhilarating ride at splashing speed and cast

anchor at any of the islets studding the lagoon, close

to Mauritius. In the north, Gabriel island, Flat island

and the unmistakably-shaped Gunner’s Coin are well

worth a sea outing. On the south-eastern coast, Blue

Bay’s marine park is one of the best places to see the

beautiful marine life. Go snorkelling or take a glass

bottom boat tour of the most breathtaking beaches

to be seen. For an uplifting morning swim with

the dolphins or viewing a spectacular sunset out

at sea, the west coast is the way to go.

4. Dolphin Swim

The West is known for its pods of Spinner and Bottlenose dolphins that play in the surf in the mornings, before going back out to sea. Various boat companies offer trips to observe and to swim with the dolphins. Dolphin swims are managed and supervised by marine specialists who make sure that neither dolphins nor the environment are harmed in any way.

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