Ditch the winter blues for the tropical island of Mauritius

03 Oct Ditch the winter blues for the tropical island of Mauritius

This winter, spread your wings, leave the cold behind you and fly to the exotic island of Mauritius, where a warm, sunny, abundance of scenic beauty, hidden treasures and adventure awaits.

Just a short flight from Johannesburg, this beautiful Indian Ocean Island is truly yours to explore and experience. Feel the warm sun on your skin as you swim, dive and sail in the crystal clear azure ocean.

Succumb to the luxury of fine hotels and exquisite white sand beaches. Play golf on some of the most beautiful courses in the world. Trek, run and cycle through lush terrain and find breathtaking views at the end of the road.

Discover a mosaic of different cultures, each with their own cuisines and crafts ready to be sampled. With its wealth of luxury, beauty and culture, and variety of adventure experiences, Mauritius has something for everyone.

For a privileged encounter with this peaceful welcoming island and its warm, culturally tolerant people take a journey with us to show you all the wonderful things you can do…

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