Must Taste Dishes of Mauritius

03 Oct Must Taste Dishes of Mauritius

Traditional, homely & sophisticated cuisines

Dholl Phuri

Cassava biscuits

The multicultural composition of Mauritian society is tastefully expressed in its cooking. Mauritian cuisine, whether traditional, homely or sophisticated, showcases an amazing choice of creative fusions, a special talent at mixing spices, colours, savours and aromas, offering the visitor an impressive array of tantalising dishes. Today, the island’s multifaceted cuisine takes its inspirations as much from China, India, Middle and Far East as well as France and South Africa.

All it takes is a stroll around to understand that Mauritians love street food. Every corner presents a variety of local specialties. Be curious and try out some popular exotic preparations such as dhal puri, farata, samoossa, gato pima, gato arouy.

Curry de poulet


Gateuax Banane

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